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hls day 2

Here’s my recap of day 1 in case you missed it.

Saturday morning, I opted to sleep in instead of attending one of the scheduled running groups. By the way, I slept AWESOME. Our digs at the Hyatt Regency were so comfortable. Also, a huge shout out to all of the staff that took care of us over the weekend. They were so friendly and just overall rockstars. I work in hospitality, so I can appreciate how difficult it can be to take care of a large group.

Before heading to breakfast, Maggie and I hit up some of the sponsor’s booths.

Saturday morning’s breakfast was sponsored by Wild Harvest. The spread was great. I did hear from a few people with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free, etc.) that they had a hard time finding something that they could eat. I didn’t have any problems, as there were vegetarian options. My plate:

I also went back for some of the winning recipe of the Breakfast Showdown contest that Wild Harvest hosted. Cupcake Kelly’s Greek Inspired Egg Scramble was delicious. I can understand why it was chosen as the winner! I’m so glad that Wild Harvest had printed recipe cards available next to each item. I can’t wait to recreate some at home.

After breakfast and an icebreaker, it was time to get our CrossFit on! We did a quick AMRAP for five minutes of air squats and jumps. The coaches that led the workout were awesome and did a great job pumping everyone up. Maggie and I snagged a photo with our coach for the morning.

The back of their shirts had the #getafterit hashtag. Love it.

Speaking of CrossFit, look who I found:

Oh hey, Rich Froning. NICETAMEETYA.

After a quick break, we broke off for sessions. I attended Gretchen’s Blog Photog Basics, Blogging with Brands (hosted by Lauren, Anne, Theodora, Ashley, and Kelly), Newbie Q & A Discussion (with Courtney, Alicia, and Chase), and Heather’s session on social media. I had a hard time deciding between some of the sessions that were offered at the same time, but luckily bloggers were live tweeting the panels this year. I still need to go back and take notes on what I missed.

Lunch was served somewhere in between all of that.

That, my friends, is goat cheese on the salad. CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR GOAT CHEESE? Remember when I said that I kind of have a thing for brownies? Well, I’ve kind of got a thing for goat cheese too.

Maggie and I were pretty wiped out after a day of blogging information overload, so we headed back to our room to rest before dinner. We took a while to decide on where to eat, since we may be two of the most indecisive people EVER. We finally decided to venture to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Allston called Grasshopper.

I got a tofu dish stir fried with curry coconut sauce, assorted vegetables, and brown rice.

We also went to pinkberry for some froyo.

Half peanut butter, half chocolate hazelnut yogurt with brownie bits, chocolate covered pretzels, and almond roca. SO GOOD. From there, we walked back to the hotel and crashed hard. Who knew blogging and eating could be so exhausting?

What are your favorite froyo flavors or toppings?



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hls day 1

#HLS12 is underway! Maggie and I arrived in Boston around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. Just in time to meet up with other bloggers heading to Flour Bakery for a mini mingle hosted by Katelyn and Clare. A group of us walked over for some sweet treats.

Everything looked amazing, but I finally decided on a bittersweet chocolate brownie. It was delicious. I didn’t take a picture of it because I ate it before I got the chance. (I’ve kind of got a thing for brownies.)

When we got back from the bakery, Maggie and I checked into our room and grabbed our HLS swag.

Holy swag. A huge shout out to whoever pulled this together this year. Our bags were STUFFED with all sorts of goodies. We also were given sneakers courtesy of Reebok. I’m sooo psyched to show these off at my Crossfit box next week.

Maggie and I grabbed dinner at Whole Foods and hung out for a bit in our room before heading over to the cocktail party. We got a chance to meet and talk with so many awesome bloggers! I already have so many new blogs to read. I was pretty psyched to meet Tina and thank her for linking to my blog last week. She is just as nice in person as she seems on her blog.

After the party, Maggie and I crashed pretty hard. We were exhausted. Thanks to Rebootizer for hosting an awesome party! I’m looking forward to the rest of the summit!


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healthy living summit

The 2012 Healthy Living Summit is one month from today!

I’m so excited to go this year as a new blogger. My friend Maggie is coming with me, and we’re both excited to learn some blogging basics (she’s starting a blog too!). All of the workshops on the agenda look great. We’re having trouble deciding which ones we’d like to attend.

I’m also super excited to meet everyone, although I’ll admit I’m also a bit nervous. I’m an outgoing person once I’ve gotten to know someone, but I’m shy in new crowds. From recaps that I’ve read of past summits, it seems as though everyone is welcoming and very friendly. I won’t have to worry about being new or fitting in.


I also hope I don’t look too crazy when I run up to a few of my fav bloggers and ask to have my picture taken with them like they’re some sort of celebrity (in my mind, they totally are).


Are you going to the Healthy Living Summit this year?

Can’t wait to meet you if you are!


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