why i was afraid to try crossfit & why i’m glad that i finally did

For the past few months, I’ve been reading about CrossFit on several of my favorite blogs. I always find out about great things on blogs (after all, that’s how I was introduced to greek yogurt and nutritional yeast), so I looked into it.

I watched this video a few times, and it both intrigued me and scared the sh*t out of me at the same time.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE PEOPLE DOING? I can’t do ANY of that. Pushups? Nope. And I certainly can’t do them on a set of rings. Pullups? You’re kidding, right? And those monstrous weights that they’re lifting? I’d probably be dying lifting 1/4 of that weight.

But I kept reading posts by other bloggers that raved about CrossFit. Clare, Katelyn, and Tina posted about how awesome it made them feel. They wrote about what a great workout it was, and what an awesome community they felt a part of. I was still intimidated. I thought, they’re probably better athletes than me. Then one of my coworkers mentioned that she did CrossFit. She’s a normal person, and she’s still alive. She encouraged me to contact the owners of her box (aka CrossFit gym). I finally e-mailed them and spilled about how nervous I was. Their response:


Thanks for the interest. The workouts can be intense but the trainers will scale the workouts to every clients individual level. Our goals to build you up so you want to come back. You can come in to check out a class and try out a baseline workout. 530pm-6pm is usually a good time. Drink lots of water prior to coming in.

So last Wednesday, I went. I met with one of the trainers there, Mike. He showed me around and explained how they structure their workouts. Then it was my turn to workout.

The whole thing took me 10:01. And you know what? I was proud of myself. I felt exhausted, but great. In 10 minutes, I got in a total body workout. After signing up for an unlimited monthly membership, Mike said he’d see me the next day. “If I’m not too sore!,” I joked back. He told me to come back even if I was.

So I went back the next day. And the day after that. I can honestly say that I love CrossFit. Yes, there are people there that are much stronger than I am. But no one cares and neither do I. Everyone is there to better themselves and to become the best that they can be. Everyone encourages each other. When I feel like I’m dying in the middle of a push press or thruster, hearing someone yell, “You’ve got this, Meagan!” builds my confidence enough to bust out one more rep.

So thank you to Clare, Katelyn, Tina, and my coworker Kaela who inspired and encouraged me to try something that I was afraid of. I hope that if you are on the fence about trying something new, that you’ll jump in fearlessly too.



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16 responses to “why i was afraid to try crossfit & why i’m glad that i finally did

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  2. I was exactly the same as you so so nervous to go my first time. Havent actually signed up to it yet but glad I plucked up the courage to actually go for the trial class! Nothing is ever as bad as its seems. good luck with all your studying. Will meet you at HLS12 🙂

  3. A CrossFit is opening on September 1 right down the block from my apartment and I am really tempted to sign up for the Fundamentals package, but like you I’ve been scared. I do metabolic resistance training classes which I LOVE but it would be nice to have another workout option that is just so convenient for me and doesn’t require a train ride to get to. I also want to learn and understand what all these exercise terms mean.

    Your post definitely helped lean me more towards going for it. I have a half marathon coming up on Sep 23 so I was also worried about hurting myself or getting too sore so close to then.

    One thing I am curious about is what you did at CrossFit both before and after the 10 minute meaty part. I’d love to hear more about that!

    Thanks so much for this post. It really helped ease my fears (at least a little).

    • Thanks for your comment! I didn’t do a whole lot on my first day at CrossFit, since they wanted me to actually come back 😉 . Usually, there’s a warmup (something like running 400m), the intense WOD, and then either a strength or endurance exercise to work on.
      Getting excited for HLS! I’ll definitely come find you!!

  4. OH and I will be at HLS too. I’m on Rachel Wilkerson’s panel. Please find me!

  5. You’re really inspiring me to actually get around to trying it! Like you, I’ve been nervous for a long time but really want to get up the courage to go! I guess I just imagine a room full of sweaty, hugely strong people and I’ll be this little blonde midget that can’t even do a push up hahaha!

  6. sweatescape

    I loved hearing your experience with
    Crossfit. It can definitely be intimidating! Love the blog.

  7. Julie

    I did the exact thing. I wrote an email to the box saying I was so nervous to try it. They suggested going to the trial class. I dragged my husband there so that I would have enough nerve to go. Then I signed up for a membership, not because I loved the trial class, but because I knew if I signed up then I would have to make myself go. I did the beginner classes, and I’m now in my second week of crossfit. I was so afraid to start, but I realized that nobody is looking at me except the coaches. I’m always the last one getting back when we do a run. And I lift the smallest amount of weight they have at the box. I love that the coaches are always there to help, correct my form, and scale the workout for me.

    • Same! I may lift lower weights now and take more time to complete my workouts, but it feels good just to be there. I always say “See you tomorrow!” when I leave, so that I feel accountable to go the next day.

  8. Thank you! I’m doing the Insanity workout right now and am thinking about starting crossfit once it’s done. Your post has got me one step closer to committing. 🙂

  9. Aww baby girl, YOU’RE WELCOME! I’m so glad you finally tried it. NEVER give up.

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