chocolate, beer, & yorkies

So I acquired some pretty cool stuff last week, all courtesy of my friend Maggie. She always finds me the BEST stuff.

Anyway, my swag, instagrammed (follow me! meaganmccrea):

An Alter Eco chocolate bar:

Dark chocolate with quinoa crisps? That means it’s healthy, right? This chocolate bar was SO GOOD. The quinoa crisps reminded me of a Crunch bar (but wayyy better). I intended to nibble at it all week. It was gone in two days. Maggie said she picked it up at Whole Foods.

Watermelon beer:

You read that correctly, folks. WATERMELON BEER. I’ve seen this stuff around on the Internet, but had yet to find it anywhere around here. Maggie found it in Massachusetts this past weekend, and was kind enough to share a few with me. After having one, I can tell you I’m not sure that I’d be so generous. I’d probably be an awful friend and hoard it all for myself.


And lastly, this epic Yorkie print:

Chloe got caught posing. “Doesn’t it look just like me?”

Every chance she gets, Maggie gets me something related to Yorkshire Terriers. I’m not even sure where she finds this stuff. Thanks to her and my brother, I own Yorkie salt and pepper shakers, a board game, a makeup bag, and a lunchbox. I’m totally that crazy dog lady.


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