go shawty, it’s your birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I worked until 3:30 and then hung out for a few hours before celebrating.

I also got this adorable birthday card from Chloe.


Yeah, it’s from my dog. WHAT ABOUT IT.

Later, my friend Abbie and I headed out to get our drank on. We went to Ogunquit and started at a new restaurant called Hooks.

*photo from the Liquid Dreams Surf Shop Facebook page

Hooks opened this past weekend after much anticipation. It had a cool vibe, with an awesome patio for outdoor seating. We grabbed seats at the bar and ordered a couple cocktails. I wasn’t feeling any of their beers on tap, so I drank some Malibu knockoff and Sprite.

We immediately noticed that there were several people dressed up in full Star Trek costumes. WTF??!! I wanted to ask one of them what they were doing, but I was afraid that I’d get stuck in a lengthy conversation about the Starship Enterprise. I was also unable to snap any pictures because I was too busy gawking and trying to figure out how one guy made his Spock ears look so real.


Another friend met us out a little later, but we left the bar after only two drinks because the guy in the seat next to me was getting a little too friendly. We went to another bar down the street and had a couple more drinks. Sadly, there were no trekkies to stare at.

I didn’t pay for a drink all night, which means that I had an awesome birthday.


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