I apologize for my blogging absence. I blame this tragedy:


I’ve been mourning. Blake stole my man.

Lauren from Golden Ring Runner recently tagged me in a Q&A post. I met Lauren at the Healthy Living Summit last month. She is seriously the sweetest person ever. I thought this might be a fun way for you guys to learn a little bit more about me!

1. What’s your current running/fitness goal?
I recently started CrossFit, and I have a bunch of CrossFit goals. I’d love to be able to do a WOD, at Rx (as prescribed). I’m still using lighter weights for my workouts.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure running song?
“Stronger” by Britney Spears. It gets me every time.

3. Do you have a favorite post race meal/restaurant?
Lately I’ve been digging protein smoothies after my CrossFit workouts.

4. Do you have siblings?
Yes! I have a younger sister (she’s 19) and a twin brother. People often ask us if we’re identical. I’ll let you ponder that one.

5. Are you right or left handed?
Right handed.

6. Favorite meal of all time?
“Spicy Tofu” at a local Thai restaurant. The sauce in this dish is AMAZING. I would probably give up a kidney for the recipe.

7. Where would you want to retire?
To the house next door to Ryan Reynolds. Or I’d settle for someplace where people will hand deliver fluffy puppies and dark chocolate to my door daily. Does a place like this exist?

8. Favorite day of the week?
Right now, it’s a tie between Tuesday (it’s my day off from work) and Sunday (FOOTBALL!).

9. What did you want to be when you were little?
A TV news anchorwoman. I think I just wanted to wear skirt suits.

10. Cat or dog person?

11. Ever have major surgery?
I’ve had a few surgeries in my lifetime. My most recent surgery was LASIK eye surgery three years ago. It wasn’t major in terms of recovery, but it was major to me since I have perfect vision now! 🙂

My 11 random things:

1. I always eat all of the brown M&Ms out of the bag. I think they taste better.

2. I can’t wink. I’m not sure why, I just can’t. It’s a total bummer when a cute guy winks at me and I can’t wink back. At best, I can give him an awkward series of blinks.

3.  I say “I love you” to my dog like a zillion times a day.

4. Fall is my favorite season. I’m kind of excited that summer is coming to an end.

5. People always think that I’m a lot younger than I am. I’m 26, but people usually think that I look like I’m 20. I hope this is still the case when I’m 40.

6. I didn’t go to Disneyworld until I was in high school. I recently went back to run my first marathon there!

7. I can’t stand the feeling of wet wooden spoons. Whenever I was younger and had to do the dishes, I made my brother wash them.

8. I wish it was acceptable to wear yoga pants all the time.

9. I drive a station wagon. And I love it. Not in a creepy kind of way.

10. I am one of the most indecisive people ever.

11. I don’t like shopping. (gasp!) See #10.

11 MORE questions for me

1. What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe (that you actually wear)?
My sports bras. It’s definitely time for an upgrade.

2. What is your favorite drink?
Cranberry lime seltzer water or a good mojito.

3. What’s your favorite race distance?

4. If you could give your teenage self just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Spend less time worrying about everything. Be yourself and do your best.

5. What did you study/major in college?
Psychology. I loved studying it, but there isn’t really anything that you can do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology that pays well or that doesn’t make you feel like you’re a glorified babysitter (maybe that’s just me). I would like to apply my psychology background to a job in nutrition someday.

6. Cilantro – love or hate? (I’ve determined that there is no in between on this issue)
Love it.

7. Brandon or Dylan? (Inspired by the Old Navy commercials)
Is this a 90210 reference?

8. Have you ever run a relay? If yes, which one? If no, why not?
I haven’t! I’ve read a few recaps from bloggers though, and they look like fun. I haven’t had the opportunity to run one yet.

9. How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?
I was in Worcester, Massachusetts for the summer before my senior year of college there. My twin brother came down, and we went out with a bunch of my friends and my boyfriend at the time.

10. What movie(s) could you watch over and over again?
Good Will Hunting (and pretty much any other movie starring Matt Damon).

11. How often do you update your blog?
Right now, like never. I’d like to find more time to focus on blogging.

Now it’s my turn to tag some other bloggers. Check these ladies out!

Leave an answer to one of the questions above or one random fact about yourself!



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august birchbox

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from the Healthy Living Summit!

My August Birchbox is here!

For those of you who don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a subscription service that delivers beauty, hair, and lifestyle samples to your door for $10 a month. Click the link for more information or to sign up!

This month’s theme is back to school. Birchbox compiled some “must-try essentials” to try for fall. My box included:

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur – A couple of months ago, I received a sample of Juicy Couture’s regular Viva la Juicy. I thought I’d hate it, since at first it smelled too “youthful” for my taste. I didn’t want to smell like I was in junior high. After trying it out, I couldn’t stop wearing it. I went through the sample pretty quickly. Viva la Juicy La Fleur smells similar, but a little softer. Still love it.

stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm, foundation & concealer – I haven’t tried any of these yet. I’m a bareMinerals girl all the way. However, during the winter (when my skin tends to be dry), I like to have a liquid foundation alternative. This sample is really only enough for one application, so I’m not sure if it’s enough to really tell if I’ll like it or not.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream – Meh. I wasn’t really excited to get this as one of my samples. It’s apparently Japan’s “Soft-Skin-Secret.” I think it smells like Tiger Balm. Gross.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor – I guess this is considered the “lifestyle extra” in the box this month. I’ve read other August box reviews that aren’t jazzed about getting a razor as an extra. I don’t really mind. Hey, razors are EXPENSIVE. I usually don’t like the lifestyle extras that are in my box, so at least I’ll use this one.

whish Shave Cream in Pomegranate – I like the texture of this stuff and it smells good. I also like that it’s made with all natural and organic ingredients and is free of parabens and sulfates. The full size product retails for $20, which (to me) is steep for a shave cream.

I also had some other fun things waiting for me when I got home from HLS.

Almond Breeze Almond Milk coupons that I won from Anne’s giveaway.

Sweat Pink shoelaces that I won from Danielle’s giveaway.

I’ve been especially lucky lately. I should probably go buy a lottery ticket or something.

Disclaimer: I pay for my Birchbox subscription with my own money and was not compensated for this review. My opinions here are honest and entirely my own. The Birchbox links above are referral links. I get Birchbox points for new subscriptions made through my link.

Which of the samples in my Birchbox would you be most excited to try?


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hls day 2

Here’s my recap of day 1 in case you missed it.

Saturday morning, I opted to sleep in instead of attending one of the scheduled running groups. By the way, I slept AWESOME. Our digs at the Hyatt Regency were so comfortable. Also, a huge shout out to all of the staff that took care of us over the weekend. They were so friendly and just overall rockstars. I work in hospitality, so I can appreciate how difficult it can be to take care of a large group.

Before heading to breakfast, Maggie and I hit up some of the sponsor’s booths.

Saturday morning’s breakfast was sponsored by Wild Harvest. The spread was great. I did hear from a few people with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free, etc.) that they had a hard time finding something that they could eat. I didn’t have any problems, as there were vegetarian options. My plate:

I also went back for some of the winning recipe of the Breakfast Showdown contest that Wild Harvest hosted. Cupcake Kelly’s Greek Inspired Egg Scramble was delicious. I can understand why it was chosen as the winner! I’m so glad that Wild Harvest had printed recipe cards available next to each item. I can’t wait to recreate some at home.

After breakfast and an icebreaker, it was time to get our CrossFit on! We did a quick AMRAP for five minutes of air squats and jumps. The coaches that led the workout were awesome and did a great job pumping everyone up. Maggie and I snagged a photo with our coach for the morning.

The back of their shirts had the #getafterit hashtag. Love it.

Speaking of CrossFit, look who I found:

Oh hey, Rich Froning. NICETAMEETYA.

After a quick break, we broke off for sessions. I attended Gretchen’s Blog Photog Basics, Blogging with Brands (hosted by Lauren, Anne, Theodora, Ashley, and Kelly), Newbie Q & A Discussion (with Courtney, Alicia, and Chase), and Heather’s session on social media. I had a hard time deciding between some of the sessions that were offered at the same time, but luckily bloggers were live tweeting the panels this year. I still need to go back and take notes on what I missed.

Lunch was served somewhere in between all of that.

That, my friends, is goat cheese on the salad. CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR GOAT CHEESE? Remember when I said that I kind of have a thing for brownies? Well, I’ve kind of got a thing for goat cheese too.

Maggie and I were pretty wiped out after a day of blogging information overload, so we headed back to our room to rest before dinner. We took a while to decide on where to eat, since we may be two of the most indecisive people EVER. We finally decided to venture to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Allston called Grasshopper.

I got a tofu dish stir fried with curry coconut sauce, assorted vegetables, and brown rice.

We also went to pinkberry for some froyo.

Half peanut butter, half chocolate hazelnut yogurt with brownie bits, chocolate covered pretzels, and almond roca. SO GOOD. From there, we walked back to the hotel and crashed hard. Who knew blogging and eating could be so exhausting?

What are your favorite froyo flavors or toppings?


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hls day 1

#HLS12 is underway! Maggie and I arrived in Boston around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. Just in time to meet up with other bloggers heading to Flour Bakery for a mini mingle hosted by Katelyn and Clare. A group of us walked over for some sweet treats.

Everything looked amazing, but I finally decided on a bittersweet chocolate brownie. It was delicious. I didn’t take a picture of it because I ate it before I got the chance. (I’ve kind of got a thing for brownies.)

When we got back from the bakery, Maggie and I checked into our room and grabbed our HLS swag.

Holy swag. A huge shout out to whoever pulled this together this year. Our bags were STUFFED with all sorts of goodies. We also were given sneakers courtesy of Reebok. I’m sooo psyched to show these off at my Crossfit box next week.

Maggie and I grabbed dinner at Whole Foods and hung out for a bit in our room before heading over to the cocktail party. We got a chance to meet and talk with so many awesome bloggers! I already have so many new blogs to read. I was pretty psyched to meet Tina and thank her for linking to my blog last week. She is just as nice in person as she seems on her blog.

After the party, Maggie and I crashed pretty hard. We were exhausted. Thanks to Rebootizer for hosting an awesome party! I’m looking forward to the rest of the summit!


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wiaw: tuesday eats

Today is my first WIAW post! Head on over to Jenn’s blog, Peas and Crayons to get in on the What I Ate Wednesday fun!

This week’s WIAW: Tuesday eats. Yesterday I actually remembered to take pictures of most of my food for the day.

Breakfast: Stovetop oats with cinnamon, ground flaxseed, blueberries, raspberries, and a dollop of Sunbutter. Topped with a splash of unsweetened Almond Breeze.

Midmorning (instagrammed) iced coffee on my way home from my hair appointment:

Lunch: LOADED salad! Baby spinach, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, rainbow peppers, cucumbers, chickpeas, avocado, hummus, and balsamic vinaigrette. SO GOOD.

I also ate a pluot, which is sort of like a plum.

Dinner: I wasn’t feeling super hungry, so I made myself a green smoothie. Into the blender went: one frozen banana, two handfuls of spinach, one cup of almond milk, a spoonful of Sunbutter, and one scoop of vanilla protein powder.

I drank it in my Yorkshire Terrier cup that my mom recently sent me. All drinks taste better in a Yorkie cup. Obviously.

Later, I had some grapes. I also had a few unpictured snacks throughout the day. Nothing exciting, I promise.

What’s the best thing that you ate yesterday?

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what i’ve been up to

It’s been a week since my last post. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. I’ve been going to CrossFit. Last night I did pull ups (assisted with a band) and wall balls for only the second time, but they already seemed easier than my first attempt at them.

2. I got my hair colored again today. Just in time for the Healthy Living Summit this weekend. Goodbye roots.

I also got a trim to keep my ends looking fresh. I’m trying to grow my hair out a little bit longer. I was originally going for Miley Cyrus’s length, but now that she hacked off all of her hair, I have to be careful what I tell my stylist. I wouldn’t want to come home looking like this:


No offense, Miley. But you look like Butters from South Park.

3. Chloe and I started up another round of dog obedience. I took her to two basic obedience courses when she was younger, but she hasn’t been playing so nice with other dogs lately, so she’s back to work on some of her “dominance issues.”


4. I just found out that I won my first blog giveaway! I won coupons for Almond Breeze almond milk. I’m super psyched, because I use it all the time in oatmeal, cereal, and smoothies. Thanks Anne!

5. I saw this GIF on twitter this week, and I still crack up every time I see it.

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why i was afraid to try crossfit & why i’m glad that i finally did

For the past few months, I’ve been reading about CrossFit on several of my favorite blogs. I always find out about great things on blogs (after all, that’s how I was introduced to greek yogurt and nutritional yeast), so I looked into it.

I watched this video a few times, and it both intrigued me and scared the sh*t out of me at the same time.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE PEOPLE DOING? I can’t do ANY of that. Pushups? Nope. And I certainly can’t do them on a set of rings. Pullups? You’re kidding, right? And those monstrous weights that they’re lifting? I’d probably be dying lifting 1/4 of that weight.

But I kept reading posts by other bloggers that raved about CrossFit. Clare, Katelyn, and Tina posted about how awesome it made them feel. They wrote about what a great workout it was, and what an awesome community they felt a part of. I was still intimidated. I thought, they’re probably better athletes than me. Then one of my coworkers mentioned that she did CrossFit. She’s a normal person, and she’s still alive. She encouraged me to contact the owners of her box (aka CrossFit gym). I finally e-mailed them and spilled about how nervous I was. Their response:


Thanks for the interest. The workouts can be intense but the trainers will scale the workouts to every clients individual level. Our goals to build you up so you want to come back. You can come in to check out a class and try out a baseline workout. 530pm-6pm is usually a good time. Drink lots of water prior to coming in.

So last Wednesday, I went. I met with one of the trainers there, Mike. He showed me around and explained how they structure their workouts. Then it was my turn to workout.

The whole thing took me 10:01. And you know what? I was proud of myself. I felt exhausted, but great. In 10 minutes, I got in a total body workout. After signing up for an unlimited monthly membership, Mike said he’d see me the next day. “If I’m not too sore!,” I joked back. He told me to come back even if I was.

So I went back the next day. And the day after that. I can honestly say that I love CrossFit. Yes, there are people there that are much stronger than I am. But no one cares and neither do I. Everyone is there to better themselves and to become the best that they can be. Everyone encourages each other. When I feel like I’m dying in the middle of a push press or thruster, hearing someone yell, “You’ve got this, Meagan!” builds my confidence enough to bust out one more rep.

So thank you to Clare, Katelyn, Tina, and my coworker Kaela who inspired and encouraged me to try something that I was afraid of. I hope that if you are on the fence about trying something new, that you’ll jump in fearlessly too.


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